The Local Government Association Mutual Liability Scheme (LGAMLS) provides Local Government Members with a fully integrated Risk, Claims and Legal services for the management of civil liabilities. All South Australian Councils are Members of LGAMLS.

LGAMLS Members participate in the self-managed concept enabling greater control over their financial viability relating to civil liability risks. The application of a risk management framework allows a Member to measure and monitor business improvement while reducing civil liability risk associated with its business profile risks.

The LGAMLS provides Local Government Members with the following key services:

  • Cost effective protection that is unrivalled within traditional insurance markets;
  • Tailored civil liability risk management advice which is created through the identification and analysis of pooled claims data;
  • Specialised claims management support that is based upon a balance between member input and legal support for every claim;
  • Risk services that support existing and emerging risks, and;
  • A mutual industry approach that supports positive financial outcomes and minimises the effect of external influences.

For further information please contact our office on 8235 6444.