As Local Government continues to develop in South Australia, LGRS is working with all Councils to ensure we can jointly identify opportunities to minimise risks by the introduction of proactive systems and processes in the area of risk management. These services are available in both metropolitan and regional areas, which again reflects our commitment to service the needs of our entire local government client group.

Risk Management is now widely accepted and promoted by regulators as an integral part of good business practice, particularly in that it enables an organisation to make more informed decisions when planning to achieve their objectives.

Organisations engage LGRS – Risk Consulting to help them design, manage and implement effective risk management strategies. Our consultants represent a vast body of knowledge and experience, they take the time to listen, have the courage to challenge accepted points of view and provide insight into risk. It is by understanding risk – in all its guises that an organisation can develop competitive advantages that allow for the realisation of opportunities and the achievement of objectives.

Our unique approach is based on the principles of effective client engagement and understanding. This approach allows for the development of ownership of Risk within the organisation which ultimately leads to a more sustainable framework.